Russell Haswell
ACID nO!se Synthesis
Editions Mego
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1Lissajous Square 0:33
2Logo #2 (TS)1:00
3Call 1:04
4Pulsar Anthem 4:43
5Shapeshifter 5:26
6Acid nO!se #6 (WS+TS)3:01
7A.N.S. #1 10:33
8Void 2:13
9A.N.S. #2 12:15
10nO!se Pulsar 3:37
11Acid Wind 4:05
12Acid nO!se Medley 11:17
13Perc Klonk Carrier 1:13
14Brainfloss 1:24
15SCM Vs Modular 3:42
16Acid Verb 17062010 6:03
17Phase Ender 0:52

Comes with a 16 pp booklet with text and 15 vector oscillograms.

Improvisation on either modular synthesiser, computer or electronics and pedals. Recorded and simultaneously monitored on stereo/phase scope (visual) and speakers or headphones (auditory).

Performed, recorded (direct to HD - 2 channel - no overdub, no midi), edited, compiled and mastered by Russell Haswell in Suffolk, 2010 - 2011

For multi-sensory experience (seeing sound, in this case, Lissajous patterns), connect a stereo/phase scope (Oscilloscope X-Y view or software equivalent) to your audio player...

Recommended reading: Oscilloscope at work. Alfred Haas, Ralph Watson Hallows (Wireless World/Iliffe & Sons Ltd. 1956) Audio Metering. Eddy Bøgh Brixen (Focal Press. 2011)