Madeleine Cocolas
Embossed sleeve, insert
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1Bodies I 6:48
2Drift 6:02
3The Creek 5:57
4A Current Runs Through 5:48
5Exhale 6:17
6Bodies II 10:26

Madeleine Cocolas is an Australian composer and producer who creates post classical and ambient instrumental music. Her work moves between lush soundscapes to experimental electronics, field recordings and solo piano.

These works incorporate sounds of water that Cocolas recorded on recent trips to the Australian coastline as well as creeks and waterfalls in Far North Queensland. Cocolas took these recordings and other recordings of her voice and breath and heavily processed them together with synths and electronics so that the boundaries between field recordings, vocals and electronics are blurred. Together, these sounds create sonic collages that move in ways to emulate rhythmic cycles that can be found in both water and humans such as waves, pulses and currents.