Pttrns / Fuckuismyname
Pttrns & Fuckuismyname
Altin Village & Mine
AVM 024
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1Pttrns – Island 4:23
2Fuckuismyname – Köta 1:43

Beautiful single featuring one exclusive track by both bands. Fuckuismyname’s song plays exactly 1:42 but the band has never been into monumental songwriting. The song »Köta« deals with dogs or it rather uses them as a metaphor — however it is funny to hear someone sing »Bark, bark, bark«. Take early 80s energy, vitalism and combine it with frickeling post–punk guitar work — add an exalted singer and you got it. The Pttrns song on the other side is of comparably epic proportions. Running almost four and a half minutes it comes along in a artsy, dancy, DC post–punk style.