Thurston Moore
Screen Time
Southern Lord
Tip-on jacket w/ embossed sleeve
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1The Station
2The Town
3The Home
4The View
5The Neighbor
6The Walk
7The Upstairs
8The Dream
9The Parkbench
10The Realization

»Screen Time« is a series of instrumental guitar pieces recorded during the summer of 2021 as the world confronted the pandemic shutdown and as the people of good conscious stood up against the oppression of racist police oppression and murder. How much screen time does a parent allow a child? How much screen time does a child need to realise a world which has the means to coexist as a community in shared exchange? »Screen Time« is in reflection to dream time, a state of meditation, hypnagogia and pillow talk.

The cover image of »Screen Time« is of a youngster curled into a book, the pages vibratory with text radiating through the skin, blood and bone – an aspect entirely missing from digital media, though the actuality of transparency in our daily lives through streaming etc we can only leads to the awareness of fairness.