Don't Eat Food!
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1フェイド・アウト = Fade Out
2つるつるの壺 = Lift The Lid
3おっさんとおばはん = Old Man, Old Woman
4ダムダム弾 = Dumdum Bullet
5夢の中へ = Into Dreams
6メシ喰うな!= Don't Eat Food!
7ライト・サイダーB (スカッと地獄) = Light Cider/Right Sider B (The Refreshing Road To Hell)
8インロウタキン = Inrotakin
10メリーゴーラウンド = Merry-Go-Round
11気い狂て = Gonna Crack

High-octane tour-de-force by legendary post-punk group, INU. Widely considered in Japan to be one of the all-time greatest punk records, 1981's Don’t Eat Food! remains shockingly unknown to the rest of the world. Led by literate but unhinged Machida Machizo, a magnetic stage presence who sang in a thick Osaka dialect that sounded like nothing else at the time, INU took Japan by storm in the late '70s with their powerful and often belligerent live show. Their membership changed frequently but INU's final lineup -- the group that recorded Don't Eat Food! -- was sharp as a knife, and the band's airtight debut still wows forty years later.

It's hard to describe INU's unique sound in comparison to other bands, but maybe imagine a more fidgety Richard Hell & The Voidoids jamming with PiL? Better yet, just listen for yourself.

This first-ever fully-licensed edition has been remastered from the original tapes and cut by Kevin Gray and includes an 8-page booklet with never-before-seen photos, lyrics in English and Japanese, and liner notes by Syojiro Ishibashi in English and Japanese.