Shouting at the Ground
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1Smocking Erde
2Palace Of Ignitions
3Come To The Edge
4Revenue Of Fire
6Camino Real
7Stocc Blawers
8Fickle Whistle, Hand Over Your Ears
9Carole The Breedbate
10Marrch Dynamic
11Wind Thief
12Shamany Enfluence
13The Death Of Trees

VOD's second batch of Zoviet France reissues focusses on recordings and albums of the late 80s and early 90s, a time that saw Zoviet France concentrating on their oneiric qualities and exploring more ambient realms. It was also the years, when the group gradually gave up the concept of anonymity, started their own label Charrm and when founding member Robin Storey left the group.

The deeply immersive album Shouting at the Ground was originally released on 1988.