Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis
Deep Listening
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1Lear 24:56
2Suiren 10:02
3Ione 17:41
4Nike 10:39
5Balloon Payment 0:45
6Phantom 8:52
7Geocentric 10:55

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Deep Listening, we offer you the definitive double LP combining the classic, complete original 1989 release with selected tracks from the Deep Listening Band’s 1991 album The Readymade Boomerang. This elegant double LP is packaged in a gatefold sleeve with original and updated recollections from the perfomers, the engineer and a mesostic from John Cage, to which these recordings are inextricably linked. 
 Recorded in a cistern, this double LP reverberates with brilliant sonic clarity and masterfully improvised performances combining live electronics, vocals, trombone and accordion. Deep Listening is a classic in the fields of improvisation, minimalism, ambient/drone and modern classical. 
Listen with attentiveness, listen while lying down, listen with headphones - as recording engineer Al Swanson entices the listener to become a virtual performer in selecting the many different ways to perceive these phenomenal tracks. Whatever you do, listen deeply.

"Deep Listening still sounds revolutionary. While drone, minimalism and ambient music have proliferated in the intervening decades, few albums in those fields are as rich texturally and harmonically or have such a clarity of vision. The salience of Deep Listening resides in its contrast to mainstream culture’s riptide trajectory towards distraction and saturation, towards soloed media and political environments." Pitchfork 9.2 Best New Reissue/#8 Top 50 ambient albums of all time.