Various Artists
The Male Activity Years
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1Espionage – May 28th 5:00
2Bedroom Suite – Drifting Through A Nightmare 2:45
3Body of Intrigue – Pasque Flower 6:49
4Amethyst – Withering Orchid Garden 4:41
5Una Lasemé – PBS Lounge 4:39
6Amber Antique – Bronze Gaze 5:04
7Jeremiah Carter & Sarah Viviana Valdez – En la Pradera Mi Corazon 7:04
8Anasisana – Choices Are The Hinges of Destiny 3:00

Founded by Canadian noise artist B.P in late 2012, Male Activity was a DIY record label based in Winnipeg, Canada.

During its 7 year tenure the label was instrumental in documenting both local and international fringe artists associated with the global cassette scene, releasing anything from power electronics and harsh noise to industrial and ambient works.

After its 100th release, Male Activity closed its doors in 2019.

Vaagner is now proud to present a chronologically arranged compilation of compositions from the labels diverse back catalogue, fully remastered and including a bonus track by B.P. himself called ‘To Concludeʼ, which is exclusively available via the cassette edition of this release.

It should also be noted that this is a very ambient focussed selection, and including some more noise and industrial leaning pieces would have been warranted if the goal was to showcase the breadth of the labels output, yet in this case it should be viewed as a curated attempt to bridge some connections between Male Activity's and Vaagner's history, as well as that of the neo-ambient tape scene overall.