Marc Codsi
Songs from the Aftermath
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1The Entrance (Invocation III)4:59
2The Dance 2:38
3The Savior 3:21
4The Escape 6:10
5The Entity 5:07
6The Wait 3:30
7The Day Before 4:43
8The Exit (Arabesque IV)4:30

Introducing Marc Codsi’s new Arabic infused synth oriented album, »Songs from the Aftermath«. Lebanese musician and composer Marc Codsi has released numerous albums with various projects such as Scrambled Eggs, Lumi, Zalfa and many others whilst maintaining a very active career as a solo artist and film composer. »Songs from the Aftermath« is his 5th album and presented as a natural continuation to his 2019 opus work, »A New World« (Annihaya Records). Codsi continues his personal exploration of Arabic music codes, mainly investigating quarter tones scales in an fully electronic environment in order to create new harmonies and textures that still convey a feeling of familiarity whilst keeping a certain aura of strangeness and mystery.

The album was recorded between during 2021 and 2022 and the music eventually comes as a very personal quest for transcendence. A sort of speculative answer to the world’s ongoing absurdity and what seems to be an incessant array of conflicts, disasters and tragedies.