Various Artists
A short illness from which he never recovered
Blackest Ever Black
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1Scythe – Flower, Drop
2Lightning In A Twilight Hour – The Munich Post
3Unchained – Gray D'Aboukir
4Hypnotic Sleep – De dröigen Blaar
5Jam Money – Dawn Swoop
6Bridget Hayden – Solace
7Brainman – Kilonovo
8Carla dal Forno – Blue Morning
9Ian Martin – Missing Realism
10The Fulmars – Fish On

Farewell compilation by the now defunct Blackest Ever Black.

Consisting of all-new recordings unavailable elsewhere, plus a pair of tracks - Carla dal Forno's much-loved cover of The Kiwi Animal's 'Blue Morning', and Scythe's zero gravity blues 'Flower, Drop' - appearing on this format for the first time. Jonas Tiljander (Brainbombs, Bremen) dons his solo Brainman guise for the corrosive synth-scaping of 'Kilonova'; Ian Martin, whose SEER radio broadcasts were a significant early influence on the label, manifests the pure astral melancholia of 'Missing Realism'; Hypnotic Sleep and associated band The Fulmars offer two iterations of bittersweet Low-German DIY pop, and Unchained a gorgeous, evergreen-dazed guitar instrumental in 'Gray d'Aboukir'. 'Dawn Swoop', a suspenseful miniature from Jam Money (Spillage Fete), might just be one the most perfect two minutes in the label's catalogue.There are contributions too from two superheroes in the BEB universe: Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice), withthe gorgeous, tremulous 'The Munich Post' from his current project Lightning In A Twilight Hour, and Bridget Hayden, who gives us the heart-stopping, elegiac drowned-folk of 'Solace'.

RIP. it was a ride.