Explota El Cuerpo
Altin Village & Mine
AVM 038 LP
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1Crudo Y Crema 2:05
2Luces De Colores Potentes 2:38
3Pieza 2:42
4Fuego, Camina 3:00
5Pokes 2:22
6Explota El Cuerpo 3:10
7Arde La Gente 2:05
8Ojos De Fuerza 2:38
9Aqui No Cabe El Sol 2:04
10Cubos De Luz Y Cristal 2:30

Exploding from the Madrid underground scene, Margarita takes the spirit of a band that looks further with its personal sound sailing between punk and pop, with its neverending evolution. Say goodbye to dissonance, say goodbye to that heavy weight, say goodbye to speed. Say hello to an incredible dawn, with fresh vocal harmonies, optimistic singing, and guitar delays hitting against the walls of the universe. Say hello to a new melodic sound without losing its punk roots.

»Explota El Cuerpo« takes a new direction, where the voice takes the front of the stage and infinite harmonies surround everything. Guitars sweat tropical heat, while bass and drums get an unique sound that blend uneasy fresh rhythms with the psychedelic pop ala Abe Vigoda, No Age or even early Animal Collective.

Listen to the twisted drums of »Crudo Y Crema« and explode without moving during half an hour, half an hour of flashing lights, walking fires, till the delicate voices that finish the song »Cubos De Luz Y Cristal« says smoothly goodbye.

»Madrid based punk band Margarita makes some of the most disorienting rock music on the planet. The band has sparked Spain's indie scene with its melding of garage, punk and tropicalia, coming up with nothing short of a rhythmic treasure. The 'tropi-punk' premise may sound alienating, but each punch, riff, and hook in Margarita's music takes the band closer to the pedigree of world pop.« — NPR