Jogging House
Includes Instant Download
LP (color)
Edition of 300 copies, 180g clear vinyl, risograph printed artwork inside thick PVC sleeve
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1Window 5:34
2Canoe 5:58
3Lives 3:08
4Shovel 4:51
5Questions 6:31
6Renewal 3:53
7Trust 3:54
8Forever 5:09

Dauw presents the new full-length studio album "Companion" by Jogging House. In 2019 "When" was released and figured as Jogging House’s first release through Dauw. It was composed with a very limited setup and expressed the typical Jogging House sound in which warm soundscapes are mingled with soft and playful melodies. For Companion, Potschubay explored new paths by subtracting almost every rhythmic structure to a bare minimum resulting in a more minimalistic and abstract sound design reflecting his moods after a year filled with loss and pain. It's a thank you to the beings that helped him through - an album for the ones who stand by us.

“My main goal is always to express my emotions as honest as I can. But when I start a new track, I often don’t have a particular plan to achieve that goal. So I try to find sounds that capture what I’m feeling at this very moment and then follow them. I add what feels right and throw out what feels wrong until I have a skeleton that I am confident could become a whole track.”

Boris Potschubay is a German musician based in Frankfurt am Main. Besides his own music, Potschubay curates his own label, Seil Records which forms a home for Hainbach, KMRU among others. Jogging House debuted in 2011 and brought us more than a dozen releases in the meantime. Listening to all the records chronologically one after the other, demonstrates us how Potschubay is experimenting a wide range of sound sources and creates a variety of atmospheres but stays true to its own individuality.