ob TRU
Feedback Moves
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Perhaps a drum is a space wrapped in material. With some excitement the space and the material interact to produce vibrations, which we hear. Separately, yPLO prepared some sounds in advance of a performance based on the components of a speculative drum kit.

ob TRU was performed and recorded live on 6/8/18 at Cafe OTO. During this live performance yPLO used amplified mylar, floor tom bass drum, mixers, audio recordings and microphones.

The recordings were mixed and edited into 8 discrete tracks.

yPLO (Paul Abbott & Michael Speers) is a project about imaginary drums and rhythms, using acoustic percussion and synthetic sounds.

Michael Speers is a musician from Northern Ireland who works with various sound materials — using drums, computer, microphones, feedback — in performance, installation and composition. Other collaborators include John Wall, Louise Le Du, Olan Monk, Niklas Adam, Lee Fraser and Seijiro Murayama.

Paul Abbott is a writer, sound and performance artist. He has played at venues and festivals internationally and was a resident at Cafe OTO. He completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Florian Hecker and Nikki Moran, and is currently undertaking research at Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. He is also the co-founder and editor of Cesura//Acceso, a journal for music, politics and poetics.