Günter Schlienz
Sterne Über Der Stadt
Silent State Recordings
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 200 copies, incl. postcard
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1Dissolve (2023 Remaster)5:26
2Blank (2023 Remaster)3:44
3Gazing (2023 Remaster)13:52
4Dust (2023 Remaster)8:02
5Still (2023 Remaster)4:12
6Sunset (2023 Remaster)12:08

Günter Schlienz is a Stuttgart-based ambient artist whose work uses modular synthesizers, tape machines and field recordings to create emotive and captivating ambient textures. Günter has released albums on diverse labels around the world - Sacred Phrases, SicSic, Goldtimers, Constellation Tatsu, Preservation - amongst others.

"Sterne über der Stadt" was first released in 2017 in a handmade four-panel cardboard envelope CDr limited edition of 50 copies on ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (or Pantheophania).

Inspired by a picture caption from a magazine article, Günter started the first recording session on a digital 8 track machine in late spring 2014 in his bedroom studio. He had just returned from his first US tour and was eager to start working on an album rather than single studies. Recording sessions had been finalized in summer 2014.