Jogging House
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LP (clear)
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1Frail 4:48
2Lessons 4:29
3Narrative 5:38
4Likeness 2:12
5Dancer 3:38
6Floor 3:48
7Constants 5:54
8Detour 3:29
9Another 6:33

Dauw welcomes back Jogging House to the label for the first release of the year 2023. His new album Face is a synthbathed meditation on decay and acceptance and shows the typical Jogging House sound in which warm soundscapes are mingled with soft and playful melodies.

Boris Potschubay is a German musician based in Frankfurt am Main. Besides his own music, Potschubay curates his own label, Seil Records which forms a home for Hainbach, KMRU among others. Jogging House debuted in 2011 and brought us more than a dozen releases in the meantime. Listening to all the records chronologically one after the other, demonstrates us how Potschubay is experimenting a wide range of sound sources and creates a variety of atmospheres but stays true to its own individuality.