Il Quadro di Troisi
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1Sfere Di Qi (AtomTM remix)
2Raggio Verde (Dasha Rush remix)
3Non Ricordi (Front De Cadeaux remix) (Front De Cadeaux remix)
4Il Giudizio (Il Quadro Di Troisi remix) (Il Quadro Di Troisi remix)
5On The Site (Chloe remix) (Chloe remix)
6Beata (Baldelli & Dionigi remix) (Baldelli & Dionigi remix)
7Se Ne Va (Toulouse Low Trax Spiaggia Buia remix) (Toulouse Low Trax Spiaggia Buia remix)
8L'ipotesi (Tropicantesimo remix) (Tropicantesimo remix)

Following up on their highly acclaimed debut release from 2020, raster presents Il Quadro di Troisi’s »Remixes« album, an eclectic collection of reinterpretations of eight of the group’s tracks. By inviting fellow label artists as well as friends and long-term collaborators to contribute to this, »Remixes« shows a broad spectrum of diversity, ranging from colorful, loop-based renditions by Toulouse Low Trax and Tropicantesimo, to (Italo) disco-inspired versions by Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi and Chloé, to more rhythmical and functional tracks by AtomTM, Dasha Rush and Front de Cadeaux. The album also includes a dub-infused reinterpretation of »Il giudizio« by the artists themselves.

The record’s artwork was contributed by Spanish graphic designer Alicia Carrera.