Defragmentierte Assoziationen
Abstrakce Records
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1User-Agent Googlebot 4:47
2Dunkelflaute 5:56
3Ignore Ignorieren Delete Löschen Delete 4:48
4Smart Telekinese 6:09
5Griesel 6:01
6Neuwin Kur Komplex 5:48
7Doppel Jersey 5:27
8Data Morgana 5:49

Abstracke presents Cristov's debut LP. The Hamburg-based artist and designer Christoph Lohse delivers an amazing record inspired by technology and dystopia. German futuristic electronics, mechanical synths, primal rhythms ... a cold, sometimes industrial sound, balanced with the jazzy acoustic drums and percussions performed by Manuel Chittka.

Influenced by Ike yard, Craig Leon, Monoton, and the German kraut maestros renewed by people like Kreidler, Die Wilde Jagd, Tolouse Low trax...