Timo Van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten
Autour du Lac d'Asselt
La Scie Dorée
Edition of 300 copies
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1Autour du Lac d'Asselt A 20:40
2Autour du Lac d'Asselt B 19:47

»Playing with Kris always reminds me of doing expeditions in a lake. Some kind of under water sound fiction observing sonic creatures. This album is a live recording (28-01-2012, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt, Belgium) which to me always felt like one of the best concerts we did. As with our previous album »Arrêt au Lac Chimère« Vincent de Roguin put his heart in editing and mixing the recordings, extending the dimensions of exploration to the deep bottom of the lake.« – Timo Van Luijk