Vítor Rua
It's Full Of Stars / Paisagens
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1It's Full Of Stars 1 10:16
2It's Full Of Stars 2 7:35
3It's Full Of Stars 3 6:16
4It's Full Of Stars 4 14:56
5Paisagens 3 10:24
6Paisagens 8 9:45
7Paisagens 11 9:56
8Paisagens 12 9:47
9Paisagens 13 9:35

Rua in Space. In the fields? These are two complementary works, they intertwine and dance together as one. "It's Full Of Stars" (2020) and "Paisagens" (2021) may suggest the heightened ambient world we experienced during the lockdowns, but they neither revisit those times nor they aim to comment on them. What was, was. Because of that fact some of the tracks are the result of generative music, the flow respects its own rhythm, its own timeline, paralleled perhaps only to the composer's intentions and processes.

"Paisagens" evolves with grainy texture, we could say more organic, although we find "real world" sounds only on "It's Full Of Stars". A possible distinction is similar to an actual stroll in nature, a direct contemplation, in the first case, and a more aseptic and consequently more artificial journey, although that doesn't mean the sound is expansive or intrusive, only its definition feels more idealized. These are vague written attempts at expressing what is in fact a feeling of atmosphere and, as such - let's assume the cliché - indescribable through words.

Vítor Rua delivers nine subtle compositions in two different years, two CDs the label welcomed as separate entities but now presents together in one sole aesthetic move.

Original art by Pedro Weeks, tampered with by Márcio Matos, also responsible for package design and layout.