Erik K Skodvin
Flare / Flame
Sonic Pieces
Includes Instant Download
2LP (color)
SP009+020-STDX / Includes Download Code
2020 Repress, full tone gatefold cover artwork, incl. printed inner sleeves, gold vinyl, 250 copies only
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11Erik K. Skodvin – Etching An Entrance 3:10
2Erik K. Skodvin – Matiné 5:13
3Erik K. Skodvin – Pitch Dark 2:56
4Erik K. Skodvin – Failing Eyes 2:49
5Erik K. Skodvin – Neither Dust 3:34
6Erik K. Skodvin – Graves 3:49
7Erik K. Skodvin – Escaping The Day 2:24
8Erik K. Skodvin – Stuck In Burning Dreams 2:18
9Erik K. Skodvin – Vanished 5:25
10Erik K. Skodvin – Caught In Flickering Lights 4:28
21Erik K. Skodvin – Shining, Burning 3:57
2Erik K. Skodvin – Moving Mistake 3:55
3Erik K. Skodvin – Reflecting 2:32
4Erik K. Skodvin – Flames 1:06
5Erik K. Skodvin – Red Box Curves 3:43
6Erik K. Skodvin – Corrin Den 3:55
7Erik K. Skodvin – Black & Bronze 4:43
8Erik K. Skodvin – Cypress Reverb 7:29
9Erik K. Skodvin – Drowning, Whistling 4:50

Erik K Skodvin is most known for his surreal darker compositions as Svarte Greiner or as half of the melancholic induced duo Deaf Center.

This collection of the two albums Flare and Flame marks his first musical entries under his own name, experimenting with the soundtrack based sides of Americana and Blues. While his Svarte Greiner albums might dwell on minimal atmospheric darkness, Flare / Flame are awash in their own destructive concept of light.