Dylan Henner
The Invention of The Human
AD 93
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1I Was Reading the News But I Felt So Sad I had to Stop 5:29
2The Peach Tree Next Door Grew over our Fence 5:39
3A Raccoon Got Loose in the House and Fell Asleep in the Laundry 5:54
4Two Trains Came Through the Station At Once and It Felt like a Hurricane 4:53
5I Watched them Jump into the Creek 5:49
6The Lake was Covered in Lilypads 5:25
7Little Frogs Swam by Every Now and Then 4:50
8We Could Hear them Singing From Across The Valley 5:09

"The Invention of The Human" is designed as a response to the question "what makes us human?" The question has become increasingly important in this period of history, in that many of the answers aren't good enough. "Civilisation" could be one answer; but what good is civilization where there is so much misery within it? "Progress" could be another; but what good is progress without kindness and empathy to sustain it? Taking the thought of man's relationship with technology as a measure of humanity, I asked the computer "what do you think a human sounds like?", and with that I built this album of synthesised vocals, wondering if technological development can help explain what we are.

The vinyl release consists of two ~ 20 min pieces, while the digital release features extended versions of the music in those pieces, making 8 individual tracks.

Synchronised with Henner’s core inquiry, the physical packaging (designed collaboratively between Alex McCullough and C’estainsi studio) employs a combination of machine learning and mechanical plotting to mimic the human mind and hand.