Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner
Editions Mego
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18 14:16
2Drone 8:01
3Tank 11:31
4Mend 10:05

Editions Mego presents the first outing from the legendary English musician, songwriter, composer and producer Simon Fisher Turner alongside the highly acclaimed emerging Swedish sound artist Klara Lewis.

Care is a unique outing rife with delicious dichotomy. The opening track positions the aggressive directly against more fragile moments. On the subsequent track medieval melodies sprout from a dense rhythmic hiss. Witness a Middle Eastern song appearing amongst a haunted rattling reverb in the epic ‘Tank’ whilst a beautiful force of hope can be found within the sound world of the the closing track ‘Mend’.

The wide scope of references and constant pull of forces make this debut offering a timeless patchwork of sonic spaces. Care is an album which sways in such a salubrious manner one can’t help but delight in its unique form of location/disorientation.