Don King
On The Mediterranean
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1Fern Gully 3:48
2Catalan Tango 3:18
3You Don t Know What Love Is 3:43
4Obsolescence 4:30
5Reverly 4:46
6Summertime 5:12
7Astro 3:46
8Mediterrain 5:29
9Suspension 3:29
10Don Rey 4:06

The six concerts tour in 1986 were the last European appearances of the New York no wave band Don King – consisting of two members of Mars – Lucy Hamilton and Mark Cunningham –, starting in Padua and following a wide arc around the Mediterranean, by train, through Switzerland over to Toulouse (France) and then down to Barcelona (Spain). The original cassette was a selection of the best live recordings – released by the historic Barcelona collective 4 Sellos.