Dead Moon
Unknown Passages
Mississippi Records
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1Dead Moon Night 4:45
2My Escape 3:07
3A Miss Of You 2:46
454-40 4:08
5I'm Wise 3:26
6Evil Eye 2:40
7I Tried 3:12
8Time Has Come Today 4:30
9Demona 2:37
10On My Own 2:38

Dead Moon's second album from 1989. This is the album that's got »Dead Moon Night«, »54/40 or Fight«, and another half-dozen classics beloved by Dead Moon enthusiasts. For the uninitiated, Dead Moon come on almost like a hybrid of the most exciting elements of Love, AC/DC, the Weeds, and the Elevators. The group are also famous for operating extremely DIY, down to the recording an d mastering of their albums.