Chimeric Sketches 2002 - 2020
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1Kitty Wu 4:55
2Surrounding French Ambience 6:30
3San Berlino Conclusion 7:10
4Failed / Retried 6:54
5Fonoda – Pako (Maatsethe Re:action)7:07
6Tired Vortex 5:27
7Fonoda – Basement Youth (Maatsethe Re:form)5:57

Maatsethe’s solo output is all about ambient and sound collage. Loads of processed guitars & samples meander between walls of sound, intimate harmonies and a kind of melancholic cinematic landscape. Stoic basslines are surrounded by soft and gentle spheres. A bit of post-rock feel every now and then, always wrapped up in a meditative monotony, slightly interrupted by small epic narratives to gaze up.

Maatsethe (Matthias Neuefeind, Berlin) curates the KeplarRev series with vinyl reissues of essential electronic albums from the 90’s and 00’s, he plays in the band Fonoda and is part of the project Washer, Zimmer & the Guitar People.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 composed by Maatsethe Tracks 5, 7 composed by Fonoda All tracks recorded by Maatsethe Mastering by Edgar Medina Artwork by Daniel Castrejón