Blackfilm & Eraldo Bernocchi
Along the Corridors
Denovali Records
den308lp / Includes Download Code
incl. printed inner sleeve, 180 gram vinyl
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1Where We Stand 5:10
2Broken Optimism 5:09
3Lost 4:16
4Roadblocker Dub 5:21
5Dark Area of the Night Sky 5:37
6Invisible Corridor 6:11
7Mistakes 9:50
81996 Chronicles 4:52
9Bethnal Green 6:15

In line with the release of Blackfilm's new album "Zero One Seven", Denovali release the 2010 collaboration masterpiece "Along the Corridor" with Eraldo Bernocchi for the first time on vinyl.

"[...] From its heavy stone dropping bass to cinematic orchestration, beautiful piano melodies, and progressive dowtempo electronic beats, this collaboration between Eraldo Bernocchi and Blackfilm is an amazing find. Designed as a soundtrack for those lonely nights, walking through abandoned streets and skeleton buildings, Along The Corridors will keep you on the edge of your seat, with your imagination as the only projector for the cinema of your mind.

Italy’s heavy dub producer Eraldo Bernocchi is not a new face to the scene. Starting out his career in the 90s, Bernocchi produced under many aliases. [...] But it is the works under his real name that deserve the most attention. In 1999 he released Charged recording with Tashinori Kondo and Bill Laswell. In 2005 he appeared alongside Harold Budd in Music For ‘Fragments From The Inside’ on Sub Rosa. And in 2007 he recorded Manual together with Thomas Fehlmann for 21st Records. There are also numerous EPs with Bill Laswell under Apollo‘s Re-charged series. [...]

Blackfilm, who continues to remain anonymous, is a Hungarian artist that was first introduced to us through his self-titled debut on the now defunct Spectraliquid Records. Since then, the album has been picked up by Denovali Records and repressed in 2010 on compact disc and vinyl. His dark atmospheric soundscapes and a bricolage of modern classical samples and instrumental hip-hop beats reminded me of my favorite works by Amon Tobin and Future Sound of London, for a brooding soundtrack enveloping your mind with heavy fog of penetrating sound. Since the release, Blackfilm has relocated to London where he has embedded himself with the heavyweights of dub and even darker journeys in the underground ... [...]" Headphone Commute