"Blue" Gene Tyranny
Degrees Of Freedom Found
Unseen Worlds
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1A Letter From Home
3The 36 Chords From The Drivers Son
4The Invention Of Memory
5Time Transposing Pianist
6On The Road To Blounstown (A True Story)
7Dreamtime: In The Past
8Dreamtime: In The Outback
9Dreamtime: Blue Moon Rye
10Tango For Band
11Any Fine Afternoon
12Meditation For Trio & Chamber Orchestra
13Sleeping Beauty In Camouflage
14The Driver's Son (intro) (intro)
15The Driver's Son (Scene I: Tim Disappears, John Follows The Clues) (Scene I: Tim Disappears, John Follows The Clues)
16The Driver's Son (Scene II: The Happy Landing) (Scene II: The Happy Landing)
17The Driver's Son (Scene III: Trooper Ralph) (Scene III: Trooper Ralph)
18The Driver's Son (Scene IV: The Center Of My Universe) (Scene IV: The Center Of My Universe)
19The Driver's Son (Scene V: The Desert) (Scene V: The Desert)
20The Driver's Son (interlude) (interlude)
21The Driver's Son (Scene V: Philadelphia version) (Scene V: Philadelphia version)
22He Was Here
23The De-Certified Highway Of Dreams
24The Great Seal, For Two Pianos
25Barn Fever
26Tango For Two
27We All Watch The Sun And The Moon (For A Moment Of Insight)
28Daylight Savings
29Driving Music
30Leading A Double Life
32Excerpts From Archaeocoustics #1
33Wooden Nickels
34How To Swing A Dog
35Recollections: Songs From Aphasia - The Word
36Recollections: Songs From Aphasia - Speech
37Recollections: Songs From Aphasia - Road Trip
38Recollections: Songs From Aphasia - Orpheus
39Harvey Milk (Portrait)
40That Then, Now This
41The Forecaster Hopes

Recorded between 1963-2019, Degrees Of Freedom Found is a six CD set “Blue” Gene Tyranny hand selected from archival, live recordings, and brand new first recordings before his passing in 2020. Part new album, part retrospective, this box offers a fresh perspective on “Blue” Gene Tyranny’s musical legacy. Blue’s career defining moment, composing the music for Robert Ashley’s magnum opus, Perfect Lives, typifies the Buddha-like self-effacement of his musical life. Often lending a substantial supporting role to his friends’ more visible projects, Blue’s music under his own name blossomed in a more esoteric and highly personal manner outside of the spotlight. Across its many previously unreleased recordings, Degrees Of Freedom Found showcases a surprising, extroverted side of Blue’s music, alongside the virtuoso works of sensitive spirit for which New Music devotees have long revered him.