The Sea And Cake
One Bedroom
Thrill Jockey
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1Four Corners 5:44
2Left Side Clouded 3:15
3Hotel Tell 4:02
4Le Baron 4:05
5Shoulder Length 3:10
6One Bedroom 3:58
7Interiors 4:20
8Mr. F 4:20
9Try Nothing 2:57
10Sound & Vision 4:07

One Bedroom was released in 2003 and followed Oui. The Sea and Cake’s sixth album, One Bedroom, is elegant pop. Membrane-like layers of electronic tones and delicate synthesizers surround intricately woven guitars. Melodic bass lines punctuate these restrained and complex sounds. Songs are propelled by imaginative percussion lines and shaped by spare warm vocals. Prekop’s lyrical style is poetic as opposed to narrative. Paradoxically, the resulting album of delicate precisely constructed songs sounds effortless. One Bedroom is a beautiful collection of creatively constructed and singular pop songs . Choice analog synthesizer tones driving the vocals are brought far more forward on One Bedroom than previous Sea and Cake recordings. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the record comes in their version of Bowie’s ”Sound and Vision.” The version remains faithful to the original yet has the distinctive Sea and Cake stamp of creatively and precisely placed tone and color, delicate guitar touches, and driving rhythms. Prekop’s warm vocals are filled out by the baritone vocals of the Aluminum Group’s Navin brothers. One Bedroom gracefully illustrates why The Sea and Cake stand quietly alone in pop currents.