Maria Teresa Luciani
Situazioni del terzo Mondo
Edition of 300 copies
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1Rassegnazione Del Terzo Mondo 4:28
2Ribellione Del Terzo Mondo 3:30
3Rassegnazione Del Terzo Mondo (Altra Versione)2:18
4La Guerra E`Vicina 3:23
5Odio di Classe 2:23
6Villaggio Indigeno 2:34
7Linguaggi Del Terzo Mondo 2:41
8Linguaggi Del Terzo Mondo (Altra Versione)2:54
9Carestia 2:06
10Sfruttamento Industriale 3:59
11Tensione Fra I Popoli 2:44
12Schiavitu 'Millenaria 2:31

The world of Italian Library music surprises us again with an extremely evocative record. Released with the name of Maria Teresa Luciani but really produced and composed by her brother Maestro Antonino Riccardo, Situazioni del Terzo Mondo ranks among the most important abstract soundscape records. Spontaneous tribalisms tainted with concrete sounds support the looming psychedelic vein, with different solutions from track to track. Recorded in 1972 it is reissued in a limited edition by Cinedelic Records.