Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics
Interstellar Reggae Drive
Lantern Rec.
Edition of 500 copies
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1Into The Beginning
3Interstellar Heavy Mob
4Plutonian Pogo Stick
5Venus (Planet Of Love)
6Cosmic Bust
7Jumping Jupiter
8Guns Of The Martian Giants (Guns Of Navarone)
9Approaching Earth

What if Lee Perry and Lex Baxter have been caught in a firetrap altogether? A weird experiment in dub & reggae coined in 1973, the sole album of this interstellar venture was a case in point. Jamaican rhythms (provided by the almighty Trojan records crew) with legendary prog/psych keyboardist Ken Elliott (former member of influential british bands such as Second Hand and Seventh Wave) creating groovy instrumental on top. 10 tracks including the Joe Meek classic Telstar and a spacey rendition of The Skalaties' »Guns Of Navarone« for an album that might sounds like a caribbean easy listening session on dope. A truly gem on its own, incredible strange music for the suburbs.