Studia Spiritual
12th Isle
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1Vlad Dobrovolski – Far Above The Ground
2SAD – Ini Ke Edi
3P-SH – Merging Bottoms
4P-SH – ++ PM
5FE – Radiance
6Ellarald – Unnatural Natural PM
7P-SH – Netoa Vi
8Brandon Locius Full Swing – Thunder In Paradise (feat P-SH) (feat P-SH)
9Ellarald – Riversong

The latest offering from 12th Isle collects a variety of recordings from Vasily Stepanov and Vlad Dobrovolski as part of their on-going S A D project (Udacha/Muscut). As part of their process, S A D sample and distort old de-magnetised tapes, constantly adding to and reworking their own sound-world. Layers of kosmiche synthesisers, off-kilter woodblock percussion and lysergic field recordings interplay with dense ambient textures in a true collage-style approach to music making. Across the nine tracks, multiple collaborations and aliases coalesce to present a thorough look at both artists approach to communicating the world around them. Drawing influence from nature and the outdoor concerts of Vladislav’s band Kurvenschreiber as well as late night free jazz shows and a similar ‘hauntological’ approach seen in Dobrovolski’s recent »Playbacks for Dreaming«, the pair express a unique genre-traversing attitude.