Seeds Of Light
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1Look Inside 3:04
2She Is Pleyadian 2:52
3Galaxy PArty 2:53
4Miyo 2:05
5Arcturian Funk 3:39
6Central Sun 1:52
7Fifth Dimension 1:36
8Egregor 2:49
9Perfect Plan 1:44
10Neo Cortex 2:45
11Revelations 2:02

After more than two decades flexing his muscles on the local underground scene, Tomás de la Rosa aka Postman has gained a real cult status on his home turf of Tenerife (and beyond). The island’s most famous Postman, as he’s affectionately known by his consorts, decided to break the silence during global confinement to metaphorically bulldoze through the canyons surrounding his hometown of Santa Cruz into an unknown and unsuspecting world. We present thus, Postman’s first ever album of original bangers, micro chopped two steppers and rage induced break beat.

Constructed over the course of global confinement, Seeds of Light marks a return to creative activity from the man who regularly delivers your post (its not just a random artist name). Postman aka Tomás de la Rosa has taken his time, compiling sketches and unfinished songs, rummaging through the deep ends of his hard rive, stitching early production sketches with recent compositions. Revising, reediting and rebuilding with a more mature and concise attitude, eventually completing, almost unintentionally, the perfect self referential retrospective album. Far from making a compilation album, Tomás managed to create an explosive document, suspended in time, in which styles are intertwined regardless of fashions and fads – letting go of the ‘modern’ or ‘up to date’ burden - so common these days in electronic music.

It is not an easy album, like many of his previous work it demands extra attention to experience the full crystallization of his complex sound structures. We find ourselves in front of a truly surgical work of art whose result comes as a water proof war machine, refined and incisive, resonating deep with soul and groove.

With most songs not even reaching the three-minute mark, Postman develops his sound palette throughout the album from very basic sound bytes into a concrete dance world of synthetic sounds eventually creating a parallel reality where J. Dilla could be living in Chemnitz instead of Detroit and releasing records for a label called Raster-Throw. Glitch sampladelics!

Incursions into Grime are also abundant with nods to the ineffable East Man, reunions with his beloved Funkstörung or many other stimulating revisions of lifelong genres and breaks populate this multidimensional sound space, see soul, dancehall, breakbeat and the UK hardcore continuum.