Settima Tacca
Wondrous Feelings of Ages Long Gone
Hidden Harmony Recordings
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 500 copies, tip-on sleeve, poly-lined inner, 180g vinyl
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1Greetings 6:30
2Butterfly 4:19
3Waltz 3:54
4Warm Light for Your Train Ride 3:51
5Retro Space Weapon 4:10
6Last Wonder 2:07
7The Well 4:01
8Why Heal a Wound 5:18
9Outro 4:18
10Wondrous Horns 2:20

First proper album by Settima Tacca, aka Apollinariya Kaspars from Moscow.

"Here’s a vinyl edition of an album i recorded in 2021 with a few extras that have been added quite recently for the sake of making it into a full LP (thanks to the initiative of HHR). i have recorded the whole thing at my home studio with an upright piano, two of my favorite polyphonic analog synths - korg polysix and roland juno 60, and a greco stratocaster, that i have bought accidentally because i understand nothing about guitars. the main material for this album was composed around 2017, when entering my mid-twenties and trying to overcome the disenchantments of some crucial personal realms of human life.
as for the later added instrumentals (1,4,9,10) i have kept the sonic consistency intact but with way more hopeful spirits during the process. despite this ambivalent intervention from the future, this work feels even more complete to me now."