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Spittle Records
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1Mono – From Planets & Satellites
2Mono – The Perfect House
3Weimar Gesang – Our Silent Growth
4Weimar Gesang – Remaining Years
5Weimar Gesang – Show Me
6Faded Image – Presences Of Mind
7Dark Tales – Twilight
8Dark Tales – Livin' Out
9Pedago Party – Nemesi
10Pedago Party – Magie Noir
11Bitch Boys – Trafiggermi L'anima
12Aidons La Norvege – L'adunata
13Aidons La Norvege – Agonia (Fiori Per Algernon)
14Res Gesta – Thesis

Originally released on cassette in the winter of 1984, together with the 7th issue of Komakino fanzine - included here in its original format. 8 groups and 14 tracks revealing the whole meaning of the Afterglow operation. Bands who already had record deals and enjoyed some popularity, others that will do so shortly, others that will fade in the mists of that decade. “Afterglow” is a document from an era when small gestures and uncomfortable choices were true stances.