Metal Machine
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strike_105 cd
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1Kick It 4:46
2Jacked Up 4:45
3Feedback Loop 3:49
4Pong 4:19
5Schism 8:17
6Fire 4:14
7Death Rave 6:40
8Glu 6:08
9Break Out 2:46
10Thwack 6:28

As the title suggests, Motor’s new album ‘Metal Machine’ is abrasive and metallic, combining tough techno beats with raw rock riffs, underscored by ‘relentless mechanical grooves that spit blood’ (as band member Bryan Black puts it.) Created and designed deliberately for the dancefloor Metal Machine is also constructed for Motor’s natural environment the stage, where they’ll soon be returning to for a 20 date mega stadium tour supporting Depeche Mode.

All ten new tracks retain Motor’s trademark industrial/rock elements previously showcased on albums Klunk and Unhuman, with equally appropriately titled first track ‘Kick It’ immediately setting the scene. Thwack’s slamming beats and abrupt stops and (punishing) starts, similarly deliver an uncompromisingly techno head-banger’s ball as does opening single Death Rave, a hands-in-the-air killer techno anthem comprised of pure acid breakdowns and synth driven riffs. Schism likewise splits the psycho techno difference while Glu’s sticky grooves proving it’s nothing to be sniffed at.

Metal, mental and seriously slamming, Metal Machine is the sound of a (rock) band at the top of their (techno) game. As Mr No intones on closing track ‘Feedback Loop’ ‘You say you don’t like techno? Well ain’t that a bitch’. Pity doesn’t come into it.