Imaginary Softwoods
Gold Fiction Loop Garden
Field Records
LP (color)
Solid gold vinyl, ltd. to 100 copies
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1The Assemblage Point
2Yellow Calcite
3Yellow Calcite II
4Anterograde Stone Remedy
6Memory Loop
7Painted Flowers Loop
8Sapphire Point
9The Path of Axinite

Field Records is to release John Elliott’s previously cassette-only album titled ‘’Gold Fiction Loop Garden’’ from 2016 on vinyl.

Aside from curating the Spectrum Spools imprint and taking part in the bands Emeralds, Organic Dial and Outer Space, Elliott has put out two absorbing solo albums over the last ten years. His solo works as Imaginary Softwoods fit in the tradition of kosmische greats without ever delving into pastiche. This third album from Elliott features a collection of short loops, recorded live to two-track digital using analog synthesizers, Mellotron M400 and multiple arrays of configured FX processes in Cleveland, Ohio.

The nine tracks are widescreen meditations on pastoral ambience. Gently rising and falling chords, mellifluous pads that slow fall from the sky and ever evolving patterns of melodic beauty range from innocent and youthful to more sombre and reflective. It is a beautifully absorbing listen that is perfect audio therapy for the mind.