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1Blood 4:38
2Blood (NO CEREMONY Remix)3:58

The young four piece return with their second single to date ’Blood’. Revisiting their DIY roots, the single was recorded almost totally in the bedroom of their shared house, with just the drums being laid down in a traditional studio. “We wanted to have ownership over every note, sample and reverb tail we made, giving up that control wasn’t an option for us”.

The process reflects a constant desire to craft and experiment with their sound and the result is a spellbindingly personal, spacious track that perfectly captures Patterns' blend of thick guitars and celestial electronics.

‘Blood’ draws heavily on the worlds of ambient electronica and drone but fuses them onto a pop core, making something altogether more evocative, “These are pop songs remembered from your subconscious, with all the clutter and haze on show”. It reflects hours of time spent late at night hunched over old instruments, samplers and laptops crafting something both personal and expansive. “We wanted to follow the process of a bedroom electronica record but at the same time needed it to sound a million times bigger than that, it’s a bedroom recording that’s a world away from lo-fi’. Blood is a song about memory, its constant kick and arpeggios providing a backdrop to old forgotten images of youth, remembered through grainy photos and warm analog tape. “ I daydreamed I was looking out of a fast moving car with blurred landscapes passing the window when I heard the beat and instantly knew what the song would sound like. The challenge then was recording it.”

On the flip side the soft edges of Blood are hardened with an almost post-apocalyptic sounding rave remix from the mysterious NO CEREMONY///.

“A heady collision of blissed-out vocal echoes and shimmery weirdness” NME “Patterns boast superior depth and musicianship… it’s easy to get totally lost in the mix of ethereal sounds and shapes” The Fly