Unearth Noise / Dreamspeak
And The Light Beams Will Guide The Way
Lullabies For Insomniacs
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1The Path 6:25
2EncodedII 5:53
3Inhabitants 5:12
4We are inside each other 6:02
5Offering Bowl with Gautam Karnik + Pp Kaubi 7:46
6Redlight 6:23
7The Inner Truth 6:04
8Epiphany 5:20
9Nasha 5:19
10Color be bright 5:49
11Open Door 4:48
12Turn Around 5:40
13I'll Be Soon 5:49
14God and Devil 7:30

After two years, Unearth Noise returns with a second dosage on LFI. "And The Light Beams will Guide The way" arrives as a double LP with one disc from Unearth Noise and the other from his collaboration with vocalist Mariam Zohra D aka Myrh, together they are Dreamspeak.

Unearth Noise's solo works delve into familiar territory. At times reminiscent of his debut on the label "Prayer and Resonance" his signature, dense and mesmerizing sound world develops on this second outing, harnessing a frenetic energy that dissolves like devil dust. Dreamspeak create a transcendental experience that beguiles listeners – one that is equally as haunting as it is enchanting.