Various Artists
Firenze Sogna! (Itinerari Musicali 1976-1983)
Spittle Records
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1Sensation Fix – Music Is Painting In The Hair 3:27
2Insieme – Picchia e Ripicchia 5:05
3Bella Band – Mattutina 4:40
4--- – Intervista a Antonio Aiazzi 0:57
5Litfiba – Anniversary 4:25
6Diaframma – Illusione Ottica 3:46
7--- – Intervista a Federico Fiumani 0:58
8Café Caracas – Tintarella di Luna 2:16
9Alcool – Situation 3:21
10Mugnions's Rock – Deborah 3:18
11Mr Blues – Caledonia 5:17
12--- – Intervista a Ernesto De Pascale 0:51
13Lightshine – Let's Get Four Funky Steps 3:36
14Naif Orchestra – Fratelli Italiani 4:37
15Rinf – Was Besonders 3:24
16Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D'Amour 3:40
17Neon – Information Of Death 4:51
18--- – Intervista a Maurizio Dami 0:42
19Avida – La Bustina 3:41
20Collettivo Victor Jara – Pazzum Pazzia 4:05
21NEEM – L'Italia Che Vola 4:36
22Magazzini Criminali – Tijuana, Frontiera A Nord-Est 1:47
23Zeit – Una Danza Infinita 3:13

'Firenze Sogna' is literally a journey of musical itineraries from the legendary Tuscany chief town between the mid-70s and the early 80s, curated by Giampiero Bigazzi, Bruno Casini and Ernesto De Pascale. Influential post-punk act and electronic producers all teamed up with local legends depicting almost 20 years of a constant evolution. It is not simply the Italian way to rock’n’roll, hereby three generations of artists facing the banks of Arno river forged a memorable artistic season. Stalwart ok kosmische psychedelia Sensation’s Fix altogether with EBM forerunners Neon, astonishing etno-world travelers Zeit (the Italian answer to late Popol Vuh ?) and electro pioneer Alexander Robotnick , no wave heroes Rinf and rock in opposition alumni Bella Band (Cramps Records). 23 tracks split between two lps, a revelation of sort.