Techniques Berlin
The Language of Machines [1985-1991]
Mecanica Records
Edition of 500 copies, gatefold sleeve
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1I Desire [Dave Vocal Version]
2Love Declaration
3Pieces of Glass
4Dancing to the Fall of the Berlin Wall
5Love via Computer
6Planet 21
7Just One Look
9Secret Lies
10And You [LinnDrum Version]
12Machine Language
13Watching You
14Run Away
15My Suburban Playground [Extended Remix]
16She Fades Away
17Beats Like a Machine
18Time Fades to Nothing

Formed by high school buddies Andreas Gregor and David Rout, Techniques Berlin started in 1984 experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and guitars. In the early stages, the band was heavily influenced by UK new romantic acts The Human League, Visage, Yazoo, OMD and Depeche Mode, as well as rising Canadian synth-pop bands Rational Youth, Men Without Hats and Trans-X. It took them a few years to master their electronic toys and create a unique blend of addictive electro-pop melodies and beautifully crafted alternative beats.

In the late 80s, Techniques Berlin played live on a regular basis and their 3 self-released tapes received frequent local airplay in Canada. Despite their moderate success, the band failed to secure a record deal. Eventually both members had developed a strong interest in the burgeoning electro-industrial scene. Dave and Andreas founded !Bang Elektronika and were working with Digital Poodle as live drummers. Both of these projects were soon picked up by record labels. Techniques Berlin played their last show in November of 1991 at the University of Toronto, debuting the last track they had recorded, fittingly called ‘Time Fades to Nothing’. Or so they thought…

The proliferation of Internet radio and streaming music platforms introduced the band to a new generation of fans, enabling Techniques Berlin to stage a remarkable comeback. Within the next years they released the compilation “Suburban Playgrounds and Concrete Beaches” (Fabrika Records), recorded a new album “Breathing” (Nadanna) in 2018 and offered a series of shows in Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City and Leipzig.

“The Language of Machines” compiles a selection of original recordings between 1985 and 1991, including some favourite tunes like ‘Dancing to the Fall of the Berlin Wall’, ‘Metropolis’, ‘Watching You’ and a few unreleased tracks/versions.