White Hand Gibbon
Songs About Cars
Späti Palace
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1Sameyouth333 2:54
241Family Business 3:04
3Inaudible Sine Wave 4:14
4Daughters 3:46
5ooOxygenoo 2:20
6White Knuckeled Slow Jam 3:46
7First Leg Drive Choking The Steering Wheel 4:16

White Hand Gibbon is the solo project of Dominik Jureschko. Since 2014 he's released off- kilter, folky dream-pop, which at first glance seem fragmentary, owing perhaps to the incorporation of field recordings, ambient passages and a certain bedroom-recording aesthetic. On second listening though, "Songs About Cars" exposes itself as a lyrically aswell as musicially accomplished and intimate softcore-emo album, placing it somewhere between The Postal service and the soundtrack of the film "Drive".

"Songs About Cars" is also a misleading title. The record is actually about different concepts of family according to Jureschko. The family which one is born into, and the family one chooses for oneself. "Always wondered how honest can love be / when your blood tells you to do so“ he sings in "41Family Business", after explaining in the opening track "Sameyouth333" that the 10 or 11 year old Jureschko almost shot his own brother in the head with a gun that their grandfather had given him to play with. The song ends with the line „I know that he loves me, but did he ever like me?“ It's not a healthy family life, that much is clear - „20 years later I still wake up in night terrors.“ Things aren't much better when Jureschko casts his eye on his chosen family. What happens when friends change? How much can one open up to them really? "Daughters" can be viewed as a very personal recollection, packed with questions („What are you trying to replace with / all these chemicals in your blood? / Are we ever going to sleep again? / Are we way to weak or just strong enough?“) and confessions („I've always felt more like a daughter to my mother / than like my father's son“). What does this viewpoint do to friendships? Is one then then left alone in the home that you've built together?

A life full of responsibilities and emotional expectations have resulted in a deep-rooted exhaustion affecting the psychological well- being, and also the immediate surroundings of oneself - this theme permeates each song on the album. Sometimes you just need to get in your car and drive for a few days, just to leave it all behind and find some peace. On country roads and during breaks at the roadside, in the forests or at a hidden lake, these are the moments where one can hear clearly the true sound of your environment; the rustle of plant life, your hand moving over wood, the gentle crunch of the gravel path. These are the kind of soundscapes we encounter time and again throughout this album, as well as the warm crackles we hear from analogue music equipment. The wavering of tape and the scratch of a needle on vinyl; most of the beats and sounds were created using an old tape-recorder. This is what makes "Songs about Cars" a warm, organic sounding album, something which one physically experiences.

The car, to get back to it, isn't limited it's liberating, positive connotations though, as one can guess from the song title „First Leg Drive Choking The Steering Wheel“, which finished up the album with lines like these: „I wanna sleep in the backseat of / your mothers old car and never go back / but the cops took it from us / now I am so lost.“