Phoenix: La Petite Mort Edition
LP (transparent blue)
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1Airborne Ashes (La Petite Mort edit)
2Metallic Taste Of Patience (La Petite Mort edit)
3Burning Feather (La Petite Mort edit)
4How To Fight (La Petite Mort edit)
5Kiss Of The Phoenix (La Petite Mort edit)
6Volcano (La Petite Mort edit)
7Fantasy Collision (La Petite Mort edit)
8Mercurial Nerve (La Petite Mort edit)
9Goodbye Diamond (La Petite Mort edit)
10Bringing Me Back (La Petite Mort edit)
11Diamond In The Bedrock (La Petite Mort edit)
12Faith Consuming Hope (La Petite Mort edit)

In 2020, Eartheater released her latest album, »Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin«. Eartheater is now sharing a fully reworked version of the album. Originally conceived as a “sleep” mix for CRACK Magazine, Eartheater re-sculpted her entire album into a seamless ambient edit.

“This is Phoenix crushing, undressing, and compressing like carbon particles under the weight of boulders folded into silky soil, and decomposing. She is folding over and over and over and over like the rolls of young gummy stone. This is one REM cycle. I suggest listening to »Phoenix: La Petite Mort Édition« while asleep after climax. You are wet ash smudged across a pillow case.” - Eartheater