Suso Sáiz
Resonant Bodies
Music From Memory
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1Inside The Egg 2:30
2Tarde De Agosto 2019 2:30
3Sweet Instability 2:30
4Two Souls 2:30
5El Espejo 2:30
6Brushed Thoughts 2:30
7Looking You In Silence 1:30
8Floating Into The Avalanche 2:30
9Abrazo 2020 1:00
10Resonance Necklace 2:30
11Vertidos Songs 2:30
12If I Close My Eyes 2:30
13Purple Trains 2:30
14When I Sleep 2:30
15Changes And Reality 2:30
16Watching Walk 2:30
17Paseando El Encierro 2:30
18Outskirts 2:30

Music From Memory present the latest chapter in their ongoing collaboration with seminal Spanish ambient musician Suso Saiz. 'Resonant Bodies’ is Suso’s seventh album project with the label and again raises the bar of his musical output, embracing a conceptual approach of which Suso himself says the following:

“A body vibrates producing a sound that reaches another body and makes it vibrate and generate a new sound that makes another body vibrate that generates another sound... Imagine an infinite orchestra of bodies multiplying their sound vibrations creating the symphony of RESONANT BODIES. Resonance as a principle of COMMUNICATION; sound as a builder of ties and interrelations between men. RESONANT BODIES pieces are part of a whole and are both generators of it. Unlike other works, during the approximately two years it took me to finish RESONANT BODIES, the pieces were gradually completed and small sound particles were added caused by the vibrations generated by the previous layers until creating imperfect and synchronized sound objects. COMMUNICATION.”