Various Artists
Imaginary Landscapes
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1KMRU – Temporal Frame
2Asa – Su
3Delawhere – UFO Perspective
4Liila – (co)becom(ing)
5Dave Saved – Present Tense
6Kareem Lotfy – Nano Voodoo
7Sara Berts – Echoes from Planet New
8Yu Su – Oltre
9Hadj Sameer – Jeunegueule
10Rehab Hazgui – Homeomorphy
11Biophony – Waldhorn Choir
12Madrā – Asarri
13Aria Rostami – Monochrome

The first compilation by David August's imprint, featuring KMRU, Yu Su, Kareem Lotfy, Hadj Sameer, Sara Berts and more. Including also two new projects by August himself, Aşa (with jazz-noise vocalist Cansu Tanrikulu) and Madrā (with Carnatic vocalist Sushma Soma). The artists were invited to create an »imaginary landscape.« What does tomorrow sound like?

»With creativity an increasing part of our daily lives, we must consider how we navigate the changes this contemporary environment brings. This means thinking through our responsibilities as a label, but also the role of music at this particular moment in time. We believe creativity and looking within our interior worlds can set hope and action in motion. We are curious to further explore music's ability to create gateways to such inspiration. With humility and gratitude, we hope this compilation can be a small contribution to a larger picture.

Since we started 99C in 2018, the safeguarding of the environment has been paramount to our existence. Considering the possibilities of tangible impact, we thoughtfully considered the act of compensation and decided that all proceeds will go directly to the non-profit organisation ONETREEPLANTED. Founded in 2014, OTP works with partners around the globe to plant trees in areas affected by deforestation. With 10 million trees planted as of 2020, biodiversity has been stimulated, jobs have been created, and while multinational conglomerates and energy companies produce the vast majority of global CO2 emissions, areas destroyed in the name of profit can once again flourish with life.«