Various Artists
Italia No! Contaminazioni No Wave Italiane 1980-1985
Spittle Records
2023 repress, CD incl. bonus track
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1Eazycon – Double Life
2The Modern Model – (The) Days On
3Die Form – No Kill
4Bisca – Dott Jekyll
5Funkwagen – Ebdomero
6Nofun – Mongolia
7Hakkah – Stairs
8Illogico – 871zx
9Rinf – Was Besonders
10State Of Art – Scoop & Loop
11Hi-Fi Bros – Strangers In The Night
12Band Aid – L'inviato D'oltreoceano/Festa Happening
13Confusional Quartet – Nebdo Zip
14La Maison – Noise Express (CD Bonus)

Taking up the gauntlet thrown down by New York's no wave scene, many Italian bands of the early '80s, playing far from the footlights of the world's stage, began creating compelling, and often cutting edge, hybrid sounds. This kind of experimenting soon went viral along the entire peninsula: from Southern Italy to the Alps, creating a brave new Italian take on post-punk. From the nervous white funk of Neopolitans Bisca, to the instrumental explorations of Confusional Quartet, to the "fake jazz" of the Hi-Fi Bros (who even had a track produced by Arto Lindsay), to Band Aid, this collection testifies to one of the most creative periods of the Italian underground. Also features: Eazycon, Modern Model, Die Form, Funkwagen, Nofun, Hakkah, Illogico, Rinf, and State Of Art. Includes CD; CD features the previously unreleased bonus track by La Maison, "Noise Express".