Liquid DnB-like Ambient Grime 2
Liquid DnB-like Ambient Grime 2
Sneaker Social Club
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1Like Ambient Grime 2 (Garage Mix)
2Like Ambient Grime 2 (Dubstep Mix)
3Like Ambient Grime 2 (Techno Mix)
4Like Ambient Grime 2 (Grime Mix)

Out of Luke J Murray’s murky folds of sonic intrigue comes a new project — Liquid DnB-Like Ambient Grime 2. Don’t let the irreverent name throw you off the scent, as Murray distills his many bold ideas and lifelong soundsystem obsessions into four maverick club jigsaws that rank among his most incisive productions to date.

Murray has been leaving a breadcrumb trail of projects around respected corners of the actual underground, donning masks and crossing swords in the likes of Grimescapes, 1-800-ICEMAN, Roadman DSP, NONEXISTENT, Stonecirclesampler and Superior London Pulp. Whether solo or in collaboration, Murray takes a sideways look at rave legacies through the prism of ambient, noise and street level avant-garde — it’s no wonder his work gets released by the likes of YOUTH, Industrial Coast, NoCorner and Downwards.