Pais & Filhos
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121:44 2:22
2Herdeiros 1:30
3Tília 6:03
4Ano-B 4:31
546 x 92m 5:28
6Ano-C 3:06
7Ano-A 6:54

As a sort of introductory discharge, "21:44" announces yet another path in Niagara's sonic journey. No two records sound alike, as the trio clearly differentiates creative processes and moods. As often before, the tracks arise from countless hours of live jams where those processes are implemented.

The old school ancestral vibe in "Tília" sends the listener back to "Forbidden Planet" territory, not only because of the vintage sci fi feel but also conducive to the kind of psychological turmoil the 1956 movie explores.

"Ano-A", "Ano-B" and "Ano-C" stem from the same root and all use acoustic percussion to add more organic life to the liquid nature of the music. The resulting sound is simultaneously pregnant with possibilities and fully conscious of a carefully designed map, leaving us adrift in the ebb and flow.

History is dotted with examples of "spontaneous music", and Niagara themselves promote and incorporate an artificial reality capable of self regenerating and plotting unfamiliar courses. There's something going on.