John Chantler
Tomorrow Is Too Late
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1Tomorrow is Too Late - Part 1 6:30
2Tomorrow is Too Late - Part 2 2:50
3Tomorrow is Too Late - Part 3 6:50
4Tomorrow is Too Late - Part 4 2:17
5We're Always At The End - Part 1 3:26
6We're Always At The End - Part 2 12:33
7We're Always At The End - Part 3 3:07

John Chandler expands his timbral horizons with a subtly dynamic suite recorded at INA-GRM, Paris; Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg; and 1703, Stockholm.

“Australian born, Sweden based artist John Chantler returns to Room40 with his fifth solo edition. ‘Tomorrow Is Too Late’ was commissioned by INA GRM for their Présences Électronique festival in 2018 and sees Chantler significantly expand the horizons of his acoustic palette.

Moving from subtle microtonal movements to passages of intense harmonic saturation, Tomorrow Is Too Late is his most dynamic work to date. A powerhouse of reductive intensity that bares witness to Chantler’s uncompromising sonic articulations.”