Ben Green
Lauchie Cox
Music Company
LP (ltd.)
Custom Die-Cut Sleeve, incl. printed inner, 180g black Vinyl
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1Dawn 6:03
2The Forest 5:47
3Falls 7:20
4The Call 5:05
5Faces 4:14
6Dusk 4:26

‘Lauchie Cox’ is the second release from multidisciplinary sound artist and musician, Ben Green. His learned improvisation and penchant for musical mindfulness enables space for a frictionless journey from his mind to his music. The body of work that makes up ‘Lauchie Cox’ is no exception. In his words, when Ben acts "without premeditation, [he is] able to sit at an instrument and naturally draw from everything that is present in [him] at that point in time.”

His first release, ‘Shel Flí Fé’ on Melbourne turned Bristol label, Local Knowledge / Division Cassettes saw 100% of sales donated to Support Act to support music workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recorded in its entirety at Bens' home in Bentleigh in Melbourne, 'Launchie Cox' takes inspiration from the notion of absolute presence (and the total absence of premeditation).

"When I write music I draw inspiration from everything that is present in my life at that time. My music aims to be a storytelling mechanism, with no particular story in mind. It aims to combine elements of musical understanding, of texture, of people, of place, of nature, of experience, of everything, but of nothing in particular.
When I write music I avoid thinking about styles or stories. For me, this leaves as many opportunities to go in as many directions as my mind and my instruments allow. If I planned out my music before writing I believe I could get too focused on the planned style, or story, and miss a detail that may prove to be important.
Hence, this music has no particular story and no intentional overarching idea, however, it is representative of everything that combines to create me."