Grampall Jookabox
Scientific Cricket
Altin Village & Mine
AVM 034 LP
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1Candle, Spirit, Leave 4:13
2Take me from Diamond Head 2:39
3Ponta 5:15
4Liggle Timmy Toothpick 1:11
5Good Country Folk 4:12
6We're the small Windows 2:07
7Biz Biz Business 1:44
8Brick People Chant 3:29
9Earlobe Kite 2:24
10Barbarashop Cricketet 3:04
11Rusty Wife 4:16
12Light My Bedroom From Below 3:39
13O Heigh-O and a Lusty Wind (Vinyl Bonus Track)3:28
14End of IN (Vinyl Bonus Track)3:42

This Indianapolis–based band have created a warm taste of Southern comfort. Mixing the instruments and vocals in a way that's hard not to compare to early Daniel Johnston, Grampall Jookabox successfully create a group of playfully simplistic tunes. With songs like »Brick People Chant« and »Ponta«, it's like travelling on an old railway of rusty sound that was fused together with the modern technology of today somewhat reminiscent of the experimentations found within Animal Collective's music. Perhaps then, the best way to describe the album would be by quoting one of the songs, entitled, »Barbarshop Cricket«, where a choir of voices sing, »listen to the rhythm of the crickets at night«. The album, like crickets, is a series of somewhat hidden noises. But when you listen and understand the tunnel of buzz and subtle intonations, it becomes a beautiful flow of soothing symmetry.